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10% of domestic cats die each year due to oral infection or periodontal diseases....

Purrfect Teeth Interactive Cat ToothbrushĀ 

If you are a responsible owner, you know that it is important to clean your pet's teeth.

However, it is not always pleasant for your cat and it can quickly turn intoĀ hisses and scratches....

Purrfect Teeth Interactive Cat Toothbrush

What ifĀ your cat brushed his own teeth? šŸ˜‰

Purrfect TeethĀ ā„¢ is a new easy, fun and effortless way to clean your cat's teeth!

This toothbrush is designed like a toy and contains catnip to attract your cat's attention. He already loves it!

Purrfect Teeth Interactive Cat Toothbrush

  • REDUCES ANXIETY ANDĀ BOREDOMĀ - Your cat will never get bored with this new playful toy. The aroma of catnip soothes your pet and reduces his level of anxiety.

  • CLEANS TEETH ANDĀ MASSAGESĀ GUMSĀ -Ā Asperities leave teeth clean and gums healthy.

  • DURABLE - Made from a soft and resistant silicone material.

  • EASY REFILL - Simply re-insert catnip to immediately attract your cat's attention.

  • EASY CLEANING - Simply wash Purrfet Teeth ā„¢ under tap water and dry it with a cloth.

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Purrfect TeethĀ ā„¢ is a best-sellerĀ among catĀ owners and an essential for your beloved kitty!

By rubbing your pet's teeth in the cavities ofĀ Purrfect TeethĀ ā„¢, bacteria, tartar, plaque and all other waste areĀ eliminated. Your cat will recoverĀ perfect dental hygiene and breath!


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